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Bsun Lollipop linear switch

Bsun Lollipop linear switch

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The most interesting thing about this Lollipop switch, a collaboration between Xiao Yun and Bsun, is the absence of top-out noise. You might almost feel as if the speed of stem going up is very slow, and smooth downstroke. In terms of pitch, it has very low pitch. This Lollipop Switch, I personally recommend for those who are looking for THOCKY but smooth with special feeling when type! Hope you enjoy this special switch!



  • Type: 5pin Linear
  • Stem: POM
  • Top housing: PC12
  • Botttom housing: POM
  • Operating Force: 45GF ± 5G
  • Botton-out Force: 53GF ± 5G
  • Factory lube: O
  • Spring: 22mm Single-stage
  • Pre travel: 1.9±2mm
  • Total travel: 3.2mm±2mm
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