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Brick Lego keyboard 60% | Kit Adam

Brick Lego keyboard 60% | Kit Adam

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01001 Kit Adam first 60% brick-built keyboard


Make It Your Own

With a few extra bricks or adding some accent pieces make Adam0110b the very special one of your own.

Screw Free Experience

Kit Adam requires no fastener. A 2-in-1 keycap/switch puller is included.


Keyboard Kit Adam0110b

KBDcraft's first work, a 60% custom mechanical keyboard with a brick-built case, Gasket mount, QMK and unlimited upgrade potential, is a great start to getting into the customizable keyboard. With High-quality parts, Adam embodies a revolutionary minecraft-style retro aesthetic into any setup.

ADAM has been engineered with priority to its functionality and upgradability, optimizing the Case and Core design as our most solid base for foreseeable diversification in the future. Alone with all exterior parts (Case Adam) in LEGO norm, every component in the Core has been created from scratch and refined through physical/numeric optimization. 

Gasket Mount Cases

Cases are thoughtfully constructed by KBDcraft to achieve as high strength as possible, retain the aesthetics, and leave some space for individualization. Case Adam consists of 27 different parts (96 pieces in total ). The ABS bricks and plates compose a housing with significantly higher thickness, density, and acoustic advantage than any single-piece plastic case. To hold the Core we have introduced a delicate type of gasket design, which is completely screw-free and offers adaptive mounting for future models.


A white POM plate is standard in the Kit due to its overwhelming toughness. The POM plate combined with the gaskets and the Case produces a joyful sound, making it incredibly fun to type. It supports plate-mount stabilizers which are also provided in all Adam Kits pre-lubed or with a bag of lube. JP customers will not have the Lube bag due to the Liquid ban from the Airline.

Hot Swappable, RGB & QMK

The PCB64 offered within the Kit Adam is developed with open-source QMK-Firmware. The keyboard can be automatically recognized and real-time programmed by the configurator VIAL. VIAL works basically the same as VIA. VIA users need to input the .json file that we provide. The PCB64 also features hot-swap function that requires no soldering to install any MX-type switches. High-quality hot-swap sockets ensure long-term swapping happiness. For the Per-switch RGB LEDs, the PCB64 offers multiple pre-programmed RGB lighting matrices. It's also easy to create individual lightning maps with the configurator.


Key Features

KBDcraft signature gasket mount structure
Cross compatibility
PCB compatible with VIAL Configurator and QMK


  • Core64 PCB
  • brick parts
  • POM plate
  • Poron plate foam
  • housing gasket tape
  • Bottom rubber feet
  • C to USB coil cable 
  • Stabilizer
  • S² Pre-lubed switches
  • Double injection PBT White Moon keycaps
  • 2-in-1 keycap/switch puller
  • manual
  • 2 types of Random Freebies
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