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Brick Lego Numpad | Kit Addams

Brick Lego Numpad | Kit Addams

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A modular numpad


Numpad Kit Addams

Kit Addams is a cute numpad and the perfect accessory for laptops. It has inherited the minimalistic fort design style and all the features from Kit Adam, eg. hot-swappable, RGBs, QMK/VIAL, Gasket mount, etc, which are very beloved amount Adam owners. 

Although Kit Adam is a fantastic keyboard, it can be difficult to use for tasks that require a numpad - such as accounting or data entry. This is where Kit Addams comes in - it's a separate module that can be attached to the Kit Adam to provide a fully-functional numpad.



  • Core17 PCB
  • brick parts
  • POM plate
  • Poron plate foam
  • housing gasket tape
  • Bumper sticker for bottom
  • C to C Laptop cable 
  • Stabilizer
  • S² Pre-lubed switches
  • Double injection PBT White Moon keycaps
  • manual
  • Random Freebies
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