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Full transparent keyboard | Fancytech Alice66

Full transparent keyboard | Fancytech Alice66

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FancyAlice66 is a Alice layout mechanical keyboard Kit from Finalkey (former name: fancytech) 

This exquisite keyboard is designed with a stacked acrylic case, crafted with precision using laser-cutting technology. The PCB is equipped with an atmega32U4 chip, supporting VIA/QMK firmware, offering a seamless and customizable typing experience. With full-key RGB lighting, FancyAlice66 allows you to create stunning visual effects. This wired keyboard is also hot-swappable, providing convenience and versatility for switch changes. Elevate your typing experience with FancyAlice66, a combination of aesthetics, functionality, and ease of customization.

In package included

  • Case x 1
  • Screw and accessories x 1 set
  • POM Plate x 1
  • PCB x 1
  • Finalkey Screw-in Stabilizer x 1 set
  • Gasket Strip x 1 set
  • PE Foam x 1
  • Poron Plate Foam x 1
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