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FL·CMMK V3 POM Plate Mounted Stabilizers

FL·CMMK V3 POM Plate Mounted Stabilizers

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FL CMMK V3 Plate Mounted Stabilizer


  • FL-ESPORTS' 3rd generation stabilizer with high precision plated wire.
  • Recommend lubricating with Krytox 205g0.
  • Made of POM material for self-lubricating effect.
  • Buffer feet design

Difference between the two options

3.5mm Blue & White (Long Pole version) 4mm gray & pink (Normal version)
  • If your choice of switch has stem is relatively long (13.5mm or longer)
  • When the travel distance of your choice of switch is short (3.5mm or less)
  • Most common switches
  • Switch with 4 mm travel


Components (same for both options):
- 2U * 7
- 6.25U * 1

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