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HMX Cloud linear switch

HMX Cloud linear switch

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The HMX Cloud linear switch is quite unique among the existing HMX options. The major reason is its choice of materials; It is one of the first HMX switches that use a LY stem. Also, it comes with a PA12 top housing and a PA2.0 bottom housing. Both of these are modified nylon materials. and they ensure that the switch is smooth and clacky. PA2.0 here is a new nylon variant that HMX created by adding PTFE to the existing PA2 variant to reduce surface friction. PA12 is one of the clackiest nylon variants there is, and it helps to make the top-out sound more concentrated. Although both the top and bottom housings are made of nylon variants, you don't need to worry about these switches being too loud like the Hyacinth V2 switches. The LY stem tempers the sound, and the cloud switches is a clacky/thocky monster.


Switch Type: Linear

Manufacturer: HMX

Stem material: LY 

Top Housing: PA12

Bottom Housing: PA2.0

Operating Force: 42±5g

Bottom-out Force: 50±5g

Spring: 22mm single-stage spring

Pre-travel:  2.0mm

Total Travel: 4.0±0.3mm


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