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HMX Deep Navy Linear Switch

HMX Deep Navy Linear Switch

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Switches are sold in unit of 10

HMX Deep Navy is also great option from MZ Studio for those who are looking for budget opion. Deep Navy switches come with a full P3 housing and an LY stem. P3 is a nylon blend of PA66 and 30% fiberglass, and the LY stem is a blend of POM and UPE. The result of such material choice is that the bottom-out and top-out are both full and clacky. They could be a great choice if you are looking for an ultimate clacky experience. And do not worry about the smoothness of HMX's factory lube!



Switch Type: Linear


Stem material: LY 

Top Housing: P3

Bottom Housing: P3

Operating Force: 40±2g

Bottom-out Force: 45±2g

Spring: 20mm single-stage spring

Pre-travel: 2.0±0.2mm

Total Travel: 3.6 ±0.2mm


Manufacturer: HMX

Designer: MZ Studio


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