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HMX Lotus Linear Switch

HMX Lotus Linear Switch

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Switches are sold in unit of 10

The top housing is made of a PA12+PA11 mix; Consider it similar to PA12 in characteristics, and it creates a concentrated and subtle top-out sound. The P2 bottom housing has less fiberglass added to it, but it still generates a signature clacky bottom out like the other HMX switches do.


Switch Type: Linear

Stem material: POM

Top Housing: PA12+PA11 Mix

Bottom Housing: P2 Nylon

Operating Force: 45±5g

Bottom-out Force: 50±5g

Spring: 22mm single-stage spring KOS stainless steel extended spring

Pre-travel: 2.0mm

Total Travel: 3.5mm

Factory Lubed: Yes! mixed GPL105&GPL205 on leaf spring, stem feet, and bottom housing rails. Dry film lube on springs


Designed by Wodom 

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