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Invokeys x Alas Nightshade Switches

Invokeys x Alas Nightshade Switches

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What are the Invokeys x Alas: Nightshade Switches?

Inspired by the dark, hazy hues of the dusk sky.

The Nightshade switches expand upon Invokeys's in-house offerings as a silent linear entry. The stems feature a unique multi-part construction including a custom silicone silencer that effectively reduces the bottoming and topping out sounds. With just a light touch of lubrication, these switches are smooth with the perfect amount of responsiveness from the medium length and weight spring.



  • Silent Linear
  • Stem: Dustproof POM with silicone silencer
  • Top Housing: POK
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon
  • 63.5g bottom out, 18mm single stage spring
  • 4.0mm total travel
  • 5 pin, winglatch style
  • Lightly factory lubed
  • Designed in collaboration with Alas
  • Manufactured by Wikuo/LICHICX


Authorized Regional Vendors:

KR - Pompokey (You are here!)

US/CAN - Invokeys 

AUS - KeebzNCables

SEA - ktechs

UK - SerpentKeys


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