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Wrist Rest for lego keyboards

Wrist Rest for lego keyboards

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A brick built ergonomic wrist rest for KBDcraft keyboard.


08001 Wrist Rest

As the No. 1 work of the 08 accessories series, the wrist rest is the one of best partners of the mechanical keyboard. Users of mechanical keyboards often have high demands on their day-to-day usability and ergonomics. As the pioneers of practical bricks, all the parts we develop have incorporated a modular design concept, making it flexible to fit any possible future keyboard model.

Ergonomic Design

Despite the limited availability of bricks, we kept the style of Case Adam on the wrist rest. The smooth rounded corners combine a retro look with a soft feel. After the lifting of the wrist rest, the placement of the palm in the typing state has reached a very comfortable position. Great for long-term wrist health.

Application to Adam & Addams

The palm rest is easy to install. It can be firmly hooked to any position of the Case. The split design allows the layout to be placed according to the user's preferences. A cleverly designed mounting mechanism allows for both rigid and flexible connections. Thanks to the quick-release mechanism, users can easily disassemble and store the palm rest and keyboard separately as needed. More Assembly guides

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